Walking on sunshine

Me wearing daddy's hat

Today. The day before St. Patrick’s Day. The 16th March 2013. I started to walk!

I’ve been practicing and practicing with help from my baby-walker, holding hands with someone or using the furniture to stop me falling over. I’d even taken a couple of steps here and there on my own.
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My first snow

People sledging

I haven’t seen it before, but the rain turned cold and white at the end of the week there – apparently it’s called snow!

Winter 2009-2010 and 2010-2011 had cold and snowy spells with temperatures much lower than usual here in Ireland.
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In England again

Two babies sharing a bath

Me and mummy have been in England for a couple of days now. We flew over a couple of days ago to visit my cousin Alex and his mum and dad.

They all moved over to England just before Christmas as Alex’s daddy got a new job there.
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Out for a stroll

Toddler and mum out for a walk

The weather was lovely today. Cold, but clear and sunny. So we went for a walk.

Nothing unusual there, you may say, but this was the first time I walked all by myself! I had some help – I mean I wasn’t toddling properly, but used my ‘walker’ to help me stay upright.
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In the night garden

Boy watching television

I am such a great sleeper now. As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve not always been such a good sleeper!

I’ve become more active, running around with the help of my ‘walker’, so I suppose I’m more tired when I go to bed.
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Three generations

Baby with his grandad

My grandad is really old. I mean, my brother Darragh is old. Then there’s daddy. Then there’s grandad!

I don’t mean that in a bad way, but I’m only a year and a bit old (check the line above, just below the title of this post to see exactly how old I am) and everyone seems old to me.
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Happy New Year 2013!

Boy playing with his sister in the living room

So, another year over, a new one just begun!

It’s 2013 and we’ve come through 2012 unscathed. A little bruised perhaps, mostly caused through a lack of sleep for the grown ups, but no more than that. In fact, daddy’s wee website business goes from strength to strength, the garden is becoming productive and the house improvements carried on apace… Mummy is very involved in the arts in Inishowen through the Inishowen Rural Arts Network and (almost single-handedly) ran the wonderful Our Colours, Our Sounds project – all that while looking after me!
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Happy Christmas number two!

Boy sitting on ride-on Henry and playing with a toy

It’s Christmas Day and we were up at the normal time (for me). When we came downstairs, there were piles of presents in the living room and under the Christmas tree.

Kate and Darragh were very excited – although Kate was, perhaps, the most excited!
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Hey Ewe!

Boy clapping with his mum

As is now a tradition, Kate’s Christmas play is followed by lunch at a nearby restaurant with the local family.

This year was no different as Kate was the star of this year’s show “Hey Ewe!”. Based, unsurprisingly, on the Nativity, the story followed the birth of baby Jesus through the eyes of some sheep – possibly those of the shepherds, but the play leaves us to decide that for ourselves.
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Santa is coming, but I don’t like his hat

A boy pulling off a Santa hat

It’s coming up to Christmas, the tree is up, shopping has been done, presents wrapped and a lot of other things I can’t remember!

As I mentioned earlier, I don’t like some hats that people put on me – although I liked this one – but the Santa hats fits into the ‘dislike’ category.
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