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An upright citizen

Me standing up with Kate

Okay, so crawling isn’t enough for me! I knew there was a use for these legs other than to kick the floor or to propel me along in my four-limbed motion.

I’m not stable. In fact, I’m very wobbly and can only manage standing for a short time, but we’ve got to start somewhere!
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Oh I do like to be beside the sea… side

Me and mum on the beach

The summer weather is just about holding, so we headed to the beach this afternoon.

On previous occasions I’ve been carried or pushed on the beach, but this was my first time sitting down and playing in the sand. It was bit breezy, as it can be here, so my mummy protected me from the blowing sand.
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A vital night out

Mummy and daddy at a concert

After almost ten months in the big, wide world, it was time for mummy and daddy to leave me for the night.

Not alone, of course! I spent the night with my aunt, Mairéad, who took good care of me while mummy and daddy let their hair down.
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Lazy days of summer

Me gazing into the distance

Summer is back! Did it ever leave? I’m not sure it ever arrived…

Finally we have a few warm, dry days to enjoy – seems the Olympic fortnight is destined to be good for the weather too.

It was warm enough for us to get out the barbecue and burn some food in the front garden anyway.
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My eyebrow dimples

Me crawling again

Here I am perfecting this crawling business. I can now whizz around the house, almost as fast as anyone else. Nothing and nowhere is now safe!

A lot of people have said how much I look like mummy… but take a look at my eyebrow dimples.
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Darragh takes flight

Darragh preparing to land a Cessna

Today was Darragh’s birthday… present. His actual birthday is in March, but his present from the family was a trial flying lesson. The lesson itself didn’t quite come off until now, due to a variety of factors – mostly the weather!
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