In the night garden

Boy watching television

Watching ‘In the Night Garden’

I am such a great sleeper now. As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve not always been such a good sleeper!

I’ve become more active, running around with the help of my ‘walker’, so I suppose I’m more tired when I go to bed. I haven’t quite slept right through the night, but I’ve had one or two nights where I’ve been close.

Before I go to bed, I like to watch In the Night Garden. I’m not a television watcher at all, preferring to play with my toys, but there’s something about Iggle Piggle and friends that makes me drop what I’m doing and sit with mummy or daddy, or sometimes quite happily on my own, and watch!

The main reason I might wake up in the night now is either because I’m teething, or because I’ve a cold and it’s hard to breathe! I’ve got five teeth now…

Mummy and daddy are so grateful that I’m sleeping better, you can almost see the difference!

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