Archives for September 2012

Indian summer for a day

The family on the beach at Kinnagoe Bay

A bit of late summer sunshine tempted us down to the beach today… a lovely one at Kinnagoe Bay on the east side of the Inishowen peninsular.

It was a beautiful day and, after the summer that never really happened, it was important to enjoy it while it lasted.
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Out, out, brief candle!

Faolán watching a candle

As well as my obsession with rotating, generally circular objects, I love lights.

Electrical lights or flames, I don’t mind. Switching lights on and off is a particular party trick of mine. Blowing out candles is another!

Not only can I blow them out (perhaps with some help, I’ll be the first to admit) but I can whistle on the intake of breath as I do it!
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More teeth on the way

Faolán dribbling

I already have two front teeth in plenty of time for Christmas. Now it’s plain for all to see that my teeth at the bottom are on their way too!

It’s really sore and irritating, which I try to relieve by biting.
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