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What’s in a name

Dad's hand and mine

“I have no choice but to die. NO! I have jumped for a tree, jumped for a couger. I shall jump for the sun!“, so says Faolan MacDuncan, a male Dire Wolf in the series of books ‘Wolves of the Beyond’.
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My mum’s first posh exhibition

Me at mum's exhibition

Tonight was the opening of mum’s exhibition of landscape paintings in Ross Fine Art. All the paintings were hung around the walls and looked really great together!

I think mum’s paintings are lovely, but I’m her latest work of art 😉
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My brother

My brother, Darragh

This is my brother Darragh. He’s fourteen years older than me and goes to the local community school. He’s really clever, ‘cos he passes tests without doing the work he’s supposed to!

He’s good to me, but refuses to change my nappy – something he’ll have to do one day, if he ever has children of his own.
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Happy monthday…

Sea Sew album cover

It’s my one-month-old-day today! I am a lot bigger than I was when I was born – must dig out the scales and weigh myself again.

This track, ‘I Don’t Know’ by Lisa Hannigan, was playing when I was born, so it’s appropriate for today too!
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First lunar cycle

The moon

I’ve just completed my first lunar cycle. Since I was born, the moon has travelled around the earth one complete time or orbit, returning back to the same position it was in the sky when I was born. So that’s my first ‘birthday’ or anniversary!!
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I’m official

Birth certificate

It’s official! I’m official…

I got my birth certificate today that proves the address of this website is not just pulled from the air. It also means I’m an Irish citizen… I hope the politicians can pull their fingers out and sort my country out, caring for the likes of me and NOT the contents of their deep pockets.
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Spinning wheel

Spinning cushions

Dad’s been busy with his websites and mum was painting today. I just let the day slip past quietly watching the world go by.

The picture isn’t a spinning baby, nor a pile of twirling cushions – just dad being funny with his camera (at least he thinks he’s funny).
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My mum’s an artist

In my mum's arms

My mum’s an artist. My dad makes websites. On Thursday we’re taking some paintings to the art gallery ready for her exhibition next week.

It starts on Friday 25th – wine at 7pm if you’re into that – at Ross Fine Art.
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Who am i?

My profile

So, I’m twenty days old today. Almost three weeks in the world and it’s not a bad place at all!

The days are quiet. I’m more awake at night to my mum and dad’s delight, which means they’re not sleeping as much as they say they’d like.
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Ballyliffin it up!

Ballyliffin beach

We went for a lovely long walk on the beach today. We went with Sonia and her two dogs, Manou and Friday. Poppy had a great time with them running and chasing the ball.

Ballyliffin has a great big sandy/pebbly/rocky beach that faces Malin and the Atlantic.
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