Archives for March 2012

Our Poppy


Our lovely wee dog Poppy died last night. She was two. Here’s some pictures from her short life.

She’ll be missed by us all as she was one of us – a companion, a protector and a friend.

We don’t know what it was that took her away from us.
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Sunny times

Me in the sunshine

The weather has been lovely recently and it’s been feeling like spring. Far too warm, far too early, but it doesn’t stop everyone from getting out into the sunshine and enjoying themselves – just too early to be busy in the garden!
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Hello kitty

Snowdrop asleep in some balloons

Snowdrop is one of our cats. She’s deaf and completely white with one green eye and one blue eye. She’s a mouse catcher extraordinaire!

Kate, my sister, put a pink ribbon on Snowdrop when she was asleep one time, which made her look just like Hello Kitty – one of Kate’s favourites!
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Rivers of the World

Mask of Old Father Thames

I went along with mum and dad to the final instalment of a project my mum had been working on.

She was the resident artist with Royal and Prior Comprehensive School for the Rivers of the World project.

It was a spectacular end, with the children setting fire to ‘Father Thames’, a figure that they’d made out of willow, straw and clay.
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Annual get together

Me on mum's shoulder

My mum’s family meet up every year at a house near Malin Head.

There’s lots more of them than in daddy’s family, so it was exciting to see many of them for the first time.

I also met Aileen, who is a triathlete with the Irish Olympic team and on mum’s granny’s side of the family!
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Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Throwing things for Poppy

We went for a lovely walk today – to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, seeing our first butterfly and bumble bee of the spring (both today), the sun shining, and anything else positive that you can think of!

The walk was at Lagg and Poppy had great fun chasing anything and everything, including flocks of birds, which she never had a hope of catching – she has determination if nothing else!
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Poppy and Alex

Alex pointing

Alex was at the house today. I’m looking forward to playing with him when I’m a bit older.

This is a video of Poppy playing with Alex, my cousin, and daddy. You can see just how gentle she is with Alex.
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My brother’s birthday

Kate decorating Darragh's cake

Every year we celebrate the day that a person was born.

I haven’t been around for a year yet (but I celebrate everyday). Darragh’s been around for fifteen! So we baked a cake and decorated it with clouds and words, ate a special breakfast and headed out for lunch at a hotel.
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Juggling (or eating)

This is me playing with those plastic balls that you get in play areas in shops and the like. Except I prefer to juggle with them.

I can only manage juggling two at the moment and even that’s proving a challenge as my hands are still small.
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