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Carved pumpkin

Actually it’s not quite Hallowe’en yet, but we were carving pumpkins today. I’m a bit young to be using a knife, so I snoozed quietly in the corner while the others did the hard work!

In Ireland, Hallowe’en is also Samhain and marks the start of winter.
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Isle of D’oh!

Isle of Doagh and Lagg

Today I went for my first outing ever. We went to the Isle of Doagh not far from our house.

I was wrapped up super warm and put into one of those papoose things. Dad wore it and carried me up and down the hills and along the beach.
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New belly button!

Having my nappy changed

Today, something special happened! I got my new belly button.

Shortly after I was born, dad cut the cord. It was clamped with two plastic clamps. This was later shortened to leave just a wee bit of it sticking out of my belly.
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My first bath

Preparing for my first bath

Today was the day for my first bath. I think I liked it – at least that’s more or less the way it looks in the film!
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One of my cousins

Me and Alex

Another lazy day, but some people came to see me. This one is Alex – he’s my cousin and is about half a year older than me. I hope he’ll be someone I can play with as I grow up. He only lives a short drive away.
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My sister

Me and my sister

This is me with my sister on my first full day home. I seem to find it easier to sleep during the day, as you can see, which means I’m keeping mum and dad up at night. They’re quite cool about it at the moment!
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Going home

Me in my car seat

So, at a whole day and a half old they said me and my mum could go home! My brother and sister (who both got the day off school!) came to pick me up. That was the first time I saw them and they saw me.
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Hello world – literally!

Me, Faolán

Hello world! I’m Faolán. That’s me in the picture, two hours old.

I was born at 6.21 on the morning of 23rd October 2011 in Letterkenny General Hospital, County Donegal, Ireland.

Apparently I was due on 13th October, but I wanted to wait and see if the weather got better before I left the cosy home I had inside my mum!
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