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Cowboys & American Indians

Playing indians

For a long time now, people have been amusing themselves by tapping a finger on my mouth or lips. I would contribute to the amusement by making a noise, which sounded like the noise people like daddy made when they were children – pretending to be Indians of a “Cowboy & Indian” nature.
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More crawling

Me crawling

As each day passes, I get better and better at crawling. Practice makes perfect as the saying goes.

I started by shuffling backwards, like many babies apparently do. It seemed easier than going forwards – a metaphor for life, perhaps?

All of a sudden though, mum and dad have to keep there eyes on me as I’m discovering a whole new world of things to touch and taste – some of which they obviously don’t want me to!
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One swallow doesn’t make a summer

Young swallow by its nest

It’s been a poor summer so far but, for one little bird, successful enough so far. This, as far as we know, is the only surviving nestling from a brood hatched in the ceiling of the rundown cottage next door.

Swallows return here every year, but this is, of course, the first time I’ve seen them!
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I’m crawling!

Baby crawling

It’s finally happening, as I mentioned in my last post! After plenty of lying down, sitting up and backwards shuffling, I’m off crawling!

It’s a tricky skill to master (for all those who would say it’s easy), especially when you’ve never done it before.
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Malin for tea

Me wearing my new dungarees

We were heading up to Malin Head this afternoon as my cousins have come to stay for a few days from Belfast. They are staying in a lovely little cottage with a view of the Atlantic Ocean.

We watched Andy Murray lose in the final of Wimbledon – my dad’s from the same town as the last British winner of the men’s singles there… Fred Perry from Stockport!
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CowParade launched in Ebrington

Cow Parade launch at Ebrington

Talking of CowParades, the event was officially launched in Derry by the Mayor today at Ebrington.

We were there to listen to the speeches (and eat the cakes) as the whole herd gathered outside for photographs. You can’t see me (‘cos I’m on daddy’s back – he’s taking the photo) but, if you look carefully at the left-hand side, you might see mummy and Kate.
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