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It’s bath time again!

Me in the bath

I’ve always enjoyed being in the bath, but lately I’ve been having more regular bath times!

I was born early in the morning and I was always more active in my mummy’s tummy at night. This continued after I was born – not much I can do about it.
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Tickling makes you laugh

Mummy tickling me

Being tickled is funny. It makes you laugh. Having someone blow a raspberry (not the fruit) on your tummy makes you laugh.

Lots of things make me laugh and laughing makes me feel good, so I like it!!

Mummy likes to spend time tickling me, probably because she likes to hear me laugh and everyone in the room smiles too.
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Half a year old today

A celebration meal

It was an anniversary today. I am six months old. Exactly half a year since I came into this world on an auspicious day in October.

As you can see, I’m loving my food – okay, I can’t feed myself yet, but this service is great!
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Playing with spoons

Looking at the lights

My new favourite toys are two plastic spoons that mummy and daddy sometimes use to feed me with.

Forget the expensive, shiny toys that people have spent years designing…!
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Getting used to this food lark

At the dinner table

It’s been a while since I ate my first solid food.

I must admit that it took a bit of getting used to, but I quite like it now. Organic carrots, potatoes, courgette, pasta are all on the menu! They’re much nicer than the porridge stuff, although you can’t beat a good rusk for breakfast!
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Inishowen Rural Arts Network

Me and Seoirse at the launch

Today my mummy helped to launch the Inishowen Rural Arts Network. The launch was held in Patisserie de Pascal with an exhibition of lots of artwork, music, poetry and some of Pascal’s lovely food.

This is a photo of me with Seoirse Ó Dochartaigh – a musician and artist who was at the launch.
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Easter eggstravaganza(!)

Finding Easter eggs

On Easter Saturday (because we’d arranged it specially with the Easter Bunny) we spent the morning hunting for chocolate eggs in the garden.

It was warm a couple of weeks ago, well spring had returned and it was cold again, so we wrapped up and followed signs outside that helped us find the eggs – the Easter Bunny was helpful.
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Smelly kitty

One cat wondering why the other cat smells so bad

We live amongst farmland, with sheep and cows in the fields near our house. Our pure white cat, Snowdrop, loves to venture across the fields and into the neighbouring barns.

Today, we were wondering why the smell of slurry was so strong.
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Pulling funny faces

Pulling funny faces

I’ve been practising pulling faces this past week. It’s amazing what you can do with your tongue too – I never realised it was so much fun!

And the more I exercise, the more I can do.

Daddy keeps pointing the camera at me and I can’t help but show off a little now when he does…
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