Your country needs you

Boy's hand with pointing finger

Today is St. Nicholas Day. We all woke up this morning to some chocolates and sweets in our shoes outside our bedroom door.

St. Nicholas is said to be a bringer of gifts, hence the tradition, which seems to be more ‘European’ in nature, but seeing as mummy and daddy have both spent time in central and eastern Europe, they like to carry it on in this house – although, of course, it really is St.Nicholas
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Our Colours, Our Sounds

An origami bird decorating a shop window in Carndonagh

My mummy has just spent the last few weeks voluntarily organising an arts project in Carndonagh called Our Colours, Our Sounds.

The project aimed to promote and celebrate cultural diversity in Carndonagh, whilst creating a colourful, vibrant town centre – by getting local artists to decorate shop windows.
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If the cap fits…

Boy wearing woolly hat

Today Darragh came home wearing a big woolly hat. I normally have to wear a hat when we go out – to keep my head warm. Sometimes they annoy me, but there was something about this one that felt comfortable, so I kept it on.
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Old boy meets young trees (or is it the other way round?)

Baby being carried in woodland

Prehen Wood is a remnant of ancient woodland that once covered much of the county of Derry and, indeed, Ireland.

We headed out to take a look around it on a damp Autumn day. It was difficult to find as it’s hidden amongst housing – come on Woodland Trust, better signs please – but we eventually managed and, dressed in warm clothes, set off to investigate.
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I got the blues

Boy in a Manchester City sleepsuit

My daddy has long been a Manchester City supporter. Most of his life, in fact. Having enjoyed limited success in that time, he was obviously overjoyed to win the Premier League last season and the FA Cup the season before that (check out the link – heads to a video of Roberto Mancini in the last ten minutes or so of the season).
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My second Halloween

Kate dressed as Draculaura

It’s Hallowe’en again. My second! This time I got dressed up by having a spider’s web painted on my cheek.

Kate has taken a liking to the characters from Monster High, especially Draculaura. She is, apparently, the 1,600-year old daughter of Count Dracula!
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One in two countries

Boy on the terrace of our flat in Spain

Happy birthday to me! I’m one today..!

I spent my birthday in two countries. Half in Spain and half in Ireland (and possibly above France, England and Wales) while flying to Belfast. We didn’t really get to celebrate properly, but made up for it the following day with a birthday party at home.
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¡Viva España!

Three children on a beach

We went on holiday! Mummy and daddy wanted to wait until I was a wee bit older, so this year we went on a pre-Halloween holiday to the south of Spain.

We stayed at Uncle David’s family apartment in Elviria, not far from Marbella.
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The Charles Macklin Festival

The Wee Hall in Culdaff set up for an art exhibition

My mum is an artist – I’m sure I’ve mentioned that before! She also helped set up the Inishowen Rural Arts Network.

As part of the Charles Macklin Festival, Inishowen Rural Arts Network were asked if they’d organise an art exhibition in the Wee Hall, Culdaff.
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Indian summer for a day

The family on the beach at Kinnagoe Bay

A bit of late summer sunshine tempted us down to the beach today… a lovely one at Kinnagoe Bay on the east side of the Inishowen peninsular.

It was a beautiful day and, after the summer that never really happened, it was important to enjoy it while it lasted.
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