Walking on sunshine

Me wearing daddy's hat

Me wearing daddy’s hat

Today. The day before St. Patrick’s Day. The 16th March 2013. I started to walk!

I’ve been practicing and practicing with help from my baby-walker, holding hands with someone or using the furniture to stop me falling over. I’d even taken a couple of steps here and there on my own.

We woke up early and there was a white blanket of frost on the ground. Daddy and Darragh went into the garden to cut down a couple of trees. One was dead. One was a very odd shape and in the way of some work we have to do, so they needed to come down.

In between trees and during a chainsaw re-fuelling break, mummy said “Hey, come and look at this!”

I’d been walking between mummy and Kate, when suddenly I took a notion and started walking around the kitchen table. Daddy grabbed his iPad and filmed me – everyone was in stunned silence as I showed off my new prowess.

I’ve been walking pretty much all day so, from here on in, I think I might be joining the bipeds!

Walking on sunshine from Faolán Smith on Vimeo.


  1. granny jean says

    Hello Faolan What a big boy you are now. Walking all on your own. I’m glad daddy filmed you so that I could see you. With lots of love xxxxxx

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