Out for a stroll

Toddler and mum out for a walk

Me and my mum out for a walk

The weather was lovely today. Cold, but clear and sunny. So we went for a walk.

Nothing unusual there, you may say, but this was the first time I walked all by myself! I had some help – I mean I wasn’t toddling properly, but used my ‘walker’ to help me stay upright. So, nobody was helping me – it was all my own work.

I’ve been spending quite a few weeks practicing, getting used to this whole walking business by doing laps of the kitchen table. But this was a big step, literally, as I walked a couple of hundred yards up the road and back down… it’s a very quiet road and I had mummy and daddy on the lookout for any cars that might have come along… only one did!

Check out the video to see how I got on.

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