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Hot sunny days at last…

Me in the sunshine

Summer seems to have arrived at last. Daddy says it’s too early, but we should enjoy it while it lasts anyway!

The average temperature in Donegal in May is 12.7° Celsius. This week we were struggling to cope with 25° Celsius – positively tropical!
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Kate’s day!

Kate in her dress on a swing with mummy

Today was Kate’s day! It’s not a day in the calendar like a birthday or Father’s Day. It was a day that we wanted to make special for Kate.

Other girls in Kate’s school were off taking their First Communion. We wanted to do something different for Kate, while still giving her a day to remember.
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Seven months… I’ve survived seven months!

Faolán at 7 months

Those were the words daddy shouted today as we celebrated me being 7 months old.

The sun is shining, I’m having lots of fun… what could be better?
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Féile Grianán Áiligh

So Kate hid in the grass

We spent the afternoon at the first Féile Grianán Áiligh at An Grianán of Aileach – a ringfort built by the Uí Néill in the sixth or seventh century.

There was falconry, battle re-enactments, music and demonstrations of hurdle making, blacksmithing and more – on a chilly, but sunny afternoon.
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The art of sleeping (or maybe not)

Me sleeping

I was born at 6.21am and, throughout my time in my mummy’s tummy, I was more active during the night.

Now, after almost seven months, I still manage to keep mummy and daddy from sleeping a complete night by waking them up for a feed every couple of hours.
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Daddy needs a haircut (and City won the Premier League)

Daddy and me

Today was a momentous day for my daddy. His team, Manchester City, won the Premier League for the first time, but they left it until the last minute of the season to do it. They scored two goals in two minutes to seal it.
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A hundred and tooth


I have a tooth!! As of today, my first tooth… finally, came through. After weeks of feeling it, it’s broken the surface.

And it came though on the day that my great grandfather – on my daddy’s side – would have been 100 years old, which is quite cool!
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Stars in their eyes

The magnificent biscuits

Two of my cousins were here for the weekend – Matthew and Odhran from Belfast.

There was a biscuit-making session going on this afternoon – everyone was involved rolling out dough, cutting out stars and then decorating the biscuits when they came out of the oven.
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Singing together

Kate singing to me

Kate’s friend, Laura, was here today and the girls played outside and inside, upstairs and downstairs.

They also took it it turns to keep me entertained by tickling me, singing to me, juggling for me and generally being good sports!

I’m experimenting with different sounds and try to sing along – I’m not quite there yet, but, with practice, I know I can be as good as them!
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