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Some new friends

Me and corinne

Today was a Friday and one of my sister’s friends brought her two sisters round for buns. I don’t get what the deal is with buns!

Everyone took turns to hold me – this is one of Kate’s friend’s sisters! After that Kate went for a “sleepover”, which means staying up late and midnight feasts… I get that anyway, but I’m sure it’ll be even more fun to do it when I’m older.
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Tins and unicorns

Tintin movie poster

Dad and my brother Darragh went to the cinema today. The rest of us took some of mums painting to the art gallery for her exhibition later this month.

We had lunch in Derry before that. S’funny, when you’re my age, everyone wants to look at you!
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Poppy the dog

Poppy the dog

Poppy is our big, daft dog. She is something like a cross between a boxer, labrador and Staffordshire bull terrier (so we’re told).

Mum found her after she was knocked over by a car in Buncrana. The Gardaì were going to take her to the vets, but my mum offered.
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Sleep deprivation

Me yawning

I don’t know what all the fuss is about! Mum and dad are tired (and let people know about it). I’m tired too, as you can see.

It’s really hard work being a baby, having to feed every couple of hours, struggle with wind (we’ve all done that), fill my nappy and look cute.
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Retail therapy

Out and about in Belfast

After a trip to Clandeboye Estate for my mum and dad to catch up with a few friends at CVNI, we wandered back into Belfast for some shopping.

We didn’t have much time, it was chilly and I needed fed and changed, and got dark quickly.
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The big smoke

Matthew, Odhrán and me

We left to go to Belfast today. Mum and dad wanted to catch up with some people – secretly, I think they wanted to show me off!

First stop was some of my other cousins. Odhrán is on the left and Matthew is holding me very gently.
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The cats

Two cats

We have two cats, Tira and Snowdrop. Can you guess which is which?

Tira is the brown one with no tail. Nobody knows how she lost her tail as that’s how dad got her from Assisi Animal Sanctuary. She also doesn’t have all her teeth, but she’s quite old.
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Being carried

Me in my papoose

Today the weather was good – for the first time in ages. I know we live in a wet and windy part of the world, but it’s been raining and raining and raining!

We all went out for my first walk up the road – it’s only a little country road with great views, so it’s safe to take Poppy the dog with us.
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