What’s in a name

Dad's hand and mine

Dad's hand and mine

I have no choice but to die. NO! I have jumped for a tree, jumped for a couger. I shall jump for the sun!, so says Faolan MacDuncan, a male Dire Wolf in the series of books ‘Wolves of the Beyond’.

In fact, Faolán does mean ‘little wolf’ in Irish. Faoilean is a seagull and the two names may have a common heritage. Mum and dad chose my name because it means little wolf…

There’s another connection too – Citizen Smith was a TV series years ago that mum and dad watched. The main character is Wolfie Smith… a bit like me!

It’s a tricky name to pronounce, but you should try “Fwee-lan” if you can’t guess.

Below (click on the blue arrow) is a very quiet recording of my name from Galway – you might need to turn up your speakers.

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