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Boy's hand with pointing finger

My finger pointing while I’m asleep

Today is St. Nicholas Day. We all woke up this morning to some chocolates and sweets in our shoes outside our bedroom door.

St. Nicholas is said to be a bringer of gifts, hence the tradition, which seems to be more ‘European’ in nature, but seeing as mummy and daddy have both spent time in central and eastern Europe, they like to carry it on in this house – although, of course, it really is St.Nicholas who brings the gifts!

I was so exhausted from the activity this morning that I had to sleep on the sofa for a while – the photo is from when I was asleep… lots of people have said “what big hands he has” (referring to me)… what did that mean in Little Red Riding Hood?

Rotkäppchen (Little Red Riding Hood) from mah on Vimeo.

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