Darragh takes flight

Darragh preparing to land a Cessna

Darragh preparing to land

Today was Darragh’s birthday… present. His actual birthday is in March, but his present from the family was a trial flying lesson. The lesson itself didn’t quite come off until now, due to a variety of factors – mostly the weather!

As a special (unintended) surprise, the normal two-seater aircraft was having some work done to it, so the only available plane was a four-seater Cessna… cue two willing and brave volunteers to sit in the back seats. They were daddy and Kate – I’m a bit too young, so mummy stayed on the ground to look after me.

Darragh flew a few laps of the airfield at Derry Airport, making final approaches and banking and climbing and other flying things – more than he would normally get in a first lesson. Daddy and Kate looked out of the window at views of Inishowen and the North Coast – Darragh, of course, paid attention to where he was going!

There was an instructor up there with them too!

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