Our Poppy



Our lovely wee dog Poppy died last night. She was two. Here’s some pictures from her short life.

She’ll be missed by us all as she was one of us – a companion, a protector and a friend.

We don’t know what it was that took her away from us. She’d been ill on and off since Christmas, but, each time, seemed to recover. The most recent photographs here were taken on St. Patrick’s Day, when she seemed full of the joys of spring.

She took ill again on Friday last and, despite going backwards and forward to the vets, she gave up late last night. We all had the chance to say goodbye to her and now her body lies buried in our garden.

Her spirit is running around the beach at Lagg!

A little gallery of Poppy


  1. Really, really sorry about Poppy, horrible feeling – been there done that.

  2. carol gilroy says

    Oh I’m so so sorry,and I know exactly how you feel….Finn was one when he died 5yrs ago. Poppy was a super little dog and so well behaved. xxx from Frank and I. 🙁

  3. oh… how sad! just two!? she was such a pretty and cute dog. hope she didn’t suffer too much!

    • Hi Antje – no she didn’t suffer. Fell asleep and didn’t wake up. She was a wonderful dog an will be missed a lot!

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