My first big bath

My first big bath

My first big bath

Tonight I had my first bath in the big bath!

I jumped in while Kate was getting all cleaned up for school the next day and it’s so much better than my wee bath. I could sit upright (as I’m learning to do) only with a little help from my mum and the bubbles came up to my chest.

There was even a rubber (or probably plastic) duck that nearly floated. Well, it floated with its face in the water, which I don’t think it liked!

It was like being in a swimming pool, which is apparently where I’m going on Tuesday 😉


  1. Great photo … I like it! ^^
    oh yeah, baby swimming! must be awesome (as everything of this wee being is awesome/cute).
    Thx for the blog! I enjoy tracking your life, Faolán.

  2. I’m so pleased that I was there for your first swim and I am looking forward to seeing you again. lots of love

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