How much is that doggie?

Sometimes when I’m not feeling really happy – and, yes, it does happen – people have taken to singing this song to me.

It cheers me up no end, although it’s more the people’s faces I’m smiling at – they look funny when they sing!

By the way, does anyone know how much the doggie costs?


  1. Elisa Jaeckle says

    Hi Faolán, I also like this song very much, my parents just sang it to me and it’s great :-)I hope one day they will get my a doggie like this and then maybe I’ll show you! Regards from icey Germany!

    • Hello Elisa, I hope you get that doggie! We have one called Poppy. She’s big and black and white and silly 😉 But she’s lovely and would protect me if anyone bad was near. Keep warm! From wet Ireland

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