All dressed up and somewhere to go

All dressed up

All dressed up

My mum had been commissioned by the Monreagh Ulster Scots Heritage and Education Centre to paint a picture of Inch Island.

The painting was presented to Bertie Bryce, a well known performer and dancer from Inch Island, to celebrate his 93rd birthday.

I got all dressed up to take the painting, with my mum, to the Ulster Scots centre in Monreagh and I’m sure you’ll agree I look quite dapper – if not a little serious!

And if you pay any attention to the “Also on this day…” bit on each of my posts, you’ll see today that a Donegal man broke the world record for shearing lambs. He shore 744 lambs in eight hours to beat the previous record by 2 sheep!!

There’s no end to our talents up in these parts!

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