Christmas Eve bake off

Kate with Santa's biscuit

Kate with Santa's biscuit

Okay, I’m not really sure what’s going on here, but final preparations are being made to the house ready for the expected visit of this Santa character.

Presents have been wrapped constantly over the last few days, the house cleaned and, tonight, a whole evening of baking! This finished with the production of a reindeer head-shaped biscuit for Santa and a glass of milk – perhaps for his reindeer! She’s also got a funny smile as her two front teeth are falling out!

I was a wee bit ill yesterday – just a sniffle – so I slept through most of it (making up for lost time), but Kate and Darragh have been watching Santa’s progress all evening, where he’s closing in on Europe and, of course, Ireland.

As he’s due to arrive in the next few hours, it’s bedtime for them… see what all the fuss is about tomorrow!

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